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Creating websites

There are several activities we do on the internet, but the main one is definitely the creation of websites, both simple, for individual activities and the creation of professional websites. The first website we created was about sixteen years ago. Then the web was almost at the beginning and was booming.
The technologies for creating websites were very different as well as style and design. Following all the development of websites, almost from the beginning up to now, has been a journey not only very exciting, but also very formative.

The CSS was introduced few years after we realized my first site and only many years later the idea of viewing websites on mobile became real with smartphone and tablet. When we started, the blogs were not yet widespread and the first forums began very popula with many users eager to exchange information. Now the forums have almost completely disappeared, partially replaced by social networks and blogs are no longer as popular as they used to be, although they still continue to exist.

Professional website creation

Why should you need a professional website? The question seems trivial, but it isn’t. Many freelance, small and big companies often think that a professional website can be replaced by a page of a social network. For instance, Facebook. Unfortunately, this is not true.
Social networks hide many pitfalls, often unknown. For example, few people know that if we have a Facebook page with 10,000 followers, when we publish a new post, only a small part of our followers will see it.
In addition more followers we’ll have, less percentage of our followers will see the new posts. This mechanism is useful to Facebook to push people to buy buy their advertising.

Another problem is that Facebook begins to have users only of a certain age. Young people are abandoning Facebook, towards Instagram and other social networks.
There are many differences between a site and a Facebook page. A website:

Moreover, a well done website will expose to your potential customers in a better and more professional way.

Creation of a website according to your needs

The needs of our potential customers are not all the same. There are freelancers who are at the beginning of their career and can’t invest much, while others have the opportunity to invest more. For this reason we try to offer the most suitable solution according to their budget.

All the projects we realize are expandable, then we can start with a professional website creation with few functions and only after customer’s reviews and requests we can expand it gradually.

We can create sites with an highly personalized design, for example creating different drafts to discuss with the customers.

The website creation process

The stages in the process of creating a website may vary according to the type of the project, but some points are usually quite standard.

Our idea of a web project

Over the years we have developed a philosophy in the creation of websites and in all projects we have some key points. A website in our opinion should not be a piece of art, but a tool for users to read and seek information.
For this reason the site must be designed to transmit information in an extremely clear way. It must be comfortable to read from any device. The pleasant and modern design must be functional to the communication.

If you come to a site to gather information, you are not going to visit an art museum. Obviously it doesn’t mean that the appearance does not count, actually the “visual communication” is extremely important, for this reason it should be used in the best way toward our target.

When we create a site we always think about the words of the great Bruno Munari, he spoke about the design of his first object, an ashtray. Each element of the ashtray design was made for the purpose that the object needed.

He chose the red color, not casually, but because he wanted the ashtray to be noticed well where it was placed, so easily identifiable.
The red color recalled the fire (later they produced different colors too). The shape was designed to be emptied easily. In short, everything had a practical meaning.

WordPress site creation, HTML CSS

Since WordPress has been introduced it seems there are no alternatives and that Worpress is always the best solution. Actually, that’s not true.
It’s already known that other CMS are more appropriate to create an e-commerce, for example Magento or Prestashop and also simple sites can be made without WordPress.
For example, for people who need a simple site consisting in a litle amount of pages that do not need to be often updated, the most suitable solution could be HTML-CSS.
The HTML-CSS site can be updated only by those who create the site itself, but offers multiple advantages.

Finally, in some cases an HTML-CSS site can be definitely an interesting solution. Obviously WordPress remains always one of the best choice, for this reason over the years we focused on this CMS, despite having worked also with other CMS such as Joomla or Drupal. WordPress definitely remains our favorite.

We can collaborate wherever you are

Websites realized all over the world

Distance is absolutely not a problem for us. Obviously peopel who are in Lithuania can meet us personally, even those who live in Italy, in fact we often visit our native country.
For all the others, however, there is no problem, we have realized projects for companies and freelancers scattered everywhere like in Poland, Israel or England.
Thanks to the Internet we can work with anyone, wherever he or she is located.

creazione siti web

With every website

A website as well as being well built needs many other things, such as a good system of statistics, links to share products or services on social networks, systems to facilitate content’s indexing, a good hosting, cookie policy and privacy policy, and much more.
All these things are often ignored from customers and even from those who make websites. All our sites, made also with minimum budget, have a high professional level and will provide:


GDPR ready, for compliance with privacy policy.

Cookie policy

Cookie policy, for compliance with the rules on cookies.

Hosting SSD

Professional SSD hosting with adequate resources.

Sitemap XML

Sitemap XML to report properly content to Google.

Google search console

Website insertion in the Google search console for indexing the website’s pages.


Advanced system of website visits statistics. Google Analytic.

Social network

Connection with social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). Easy sharing of contents.


HTTPS, or Hypertext Transfer Protocol, for the security of your visitors’ data.

Responsive design

The design will fit the correct display on all devices.

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